Sabado, Hulyo 16, 2011

Lady Gaga Outrageous & Trendy Sunglasses

Lady Gaga is really surprising when it comes in fashion. I’m sure many people raise their eyebrows over the out of this world Lady Gaga sense of fashion. When Gaga arrive in a show or  performing in a concert, she’ll make sure that you can’t forget her on that event. She’s not only outrageous but also extraordinary lady when it comes in fashion style she made. Gaga has big contribution in the fashion industry because of her unique outfits and shocking sunglasses.

Lunes, Hulyo 11, 2011

Tips on Matching Outfits to Become Extraordinary

We all know that street fashion in Japan is well known when it comes to their classy trend when it comes to colors and style. I am an avid fan of the people especially in Tokyo Japan on how they wear their clothes from the rainbow color of their hair down to their high wedges shoes.

I have a pictures here of a girl living in Tokyo who is not afraid to match her outfit and walk on the street like a star. 

This awesome girl is wearing a floral bubble top with black spaghetti strap inside that makes the clothes so fun and trendy. She is also wearing a military black cut pants, the zipper on the pants really give emphasized that match together with a pair of boots. I am an avid fan of boots and it is one of the  popular shoes a girl should have. From the ankle boots to knee boots with different color and design that could pair your outfits.

She is wearing a flat black knee boots with a strap on the side that makes her look punk but at the same time a very feminine top.

If you could notice her handling a tote bag, I don’t see the whole design of the bag but it looks pretty good on her. No matter how much I like a designer bag the cheap side of me wanting to go back from the simple yet trendy bag and that is what the girl has.
Finally she has no accessories aside from the brown silicon wristband, as what they said less is beautiful.:)

Overall these fashion styles were pretty amazing and look classy.:)

Lady Gaga: The Most Fashionable Star

Celebrities have always been associated with fashion. Without fashion, there are no celebrities. Without Celebrities, there will be no fashion. When women from all ages talk about fashion, the name of celebrities will automatically be linked with it. Most fashion styles are actually inspired by famous celebrities.

The reason why fashion is associated with these celebrities is because, these celebrities where able to carry themselves whatever kind of clothes they put on to their bodies and is idolized by millions of people worldwide.

One of the hottest top pick when it comes to fashion is Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is renowned for her unique fashion sense. We can all tell that her unique fashion sense is what brought her on top of fashion and music industry. Just like what most people say, “Everyone’s getting Gaga when you saw her performance and fashion sense on stage.”

Do you want to be fashionable just like Lady Gaga do? Just combine your fashion styles and be comfortable all the time. :)