Linggo, Hulyo 31, 2011

Fashion Blogs Cover the Fashion Industry, Clothing, and Personal Style

Their importance has grown with the years as now they are even considered an influence in the fashion system. But there are many aspects to be considered and reflect about especially from the Communication point of view.

Fashion blogs are a relatively new phenomenon, starting to gain fame and importance around 4 years ago, there is no detailed published data of their history yet. Fashion blogs first appeared in the blogosphere prior to 2002. Both the number of fashion blogs and the number of media mentions of fashion blogs has grown considerably since then. In 2006, the commercial success and growing profile of few fashion bloggers such as Scott Schuman, Tavi Gavinson or Susie Bubble, have been the two main themes in coverage in the fashion press, as some bloggers were invited to fashion shows, offered jobs in major fashion magazines and get the sponsorship of some fashion brands. But what’s really their importance in the fashion scene? As we all know in fashion one day you are “in” and the next day you can be “out”, so are fashion bloggers going to fade or last? Fashion blogs own unique street style freshness, a strong personal point of view from their authors, but as this is strength it can also become a weakness, as their point of view can be very subjective, can lack of solid arguments and perspective and most of all, if exceeding the formula they can become tiring to their own followers as this point of view is not updated or is strongly influenced by brands.

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