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Type of Fashion Models

I want to feature some fashion model names in my blog because they contributed a lot in the fashion industry. We all know that clothes are needed to be modeled for all people; a variety of shapes and sizes is required in models. Fashion models job rankings are print (part time), print modeling (full time), runway modeling and supermodel.

Print models – showcase clothes in images used in magazines, newspapers, advertisements, billboards, press kits, etc. Fashion models may be used to display or promote various types of clothing, such as dresses, jeans, suits, lingerie, or swimsuit.

Runway models – showcases clothes from fashion designers, fashion media, and consumers. They are also called “live models” and they are self employed. Runway models work in different locations. Models constantly travel to large cities where fashion is well known - London, Milan, New York City, and Paris. continue reading.. 

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Audrey Leighton ayon kay ...

Agree - models contribute so much to the fashion industry!

Such great women out there who inspire so many to wear clothes with confidence and grace!


Britt+Whit ayon kay ...

I love this post! I really hope the majority of Fashion Magazines use models instead of celebrities for the September Issue!

love from San Francisco,

Archiex ayon kay ...

Thanks guys for dropping by my blog site.. :):)

@Audrey.. I'd check your blog site and it was great.. love the photos.. :)

@Britt.. Same here.. I also visited your site and the photos are also stunning..:)

You can also check my other blog site.. you can also leave a comments there.. :)

Fashion Translated ayon kay ...

Great post -- so true!

Fashion Translated

style point ayon kay ...

such a great post!love Gisele xxx

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